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Forum Mito multi-function smart toilet seat without remote

Forum Mito multi-function smart toilet seat without remote

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Product Description: Forum Mito Multi-Function Smart Toilet Seat (No Remote)

Key Features:

  • Heated Seat: Offers five adjustable temperature settings for personalized comfort.
  • UV LED Night Light: Illuminates the bowl, serving as a convenient night light.
  • Hygienic Wash Modes: Includes front and rear wash options with warm water for thorough cleansing.
  • Customizable Comfort: Features adjustable water temperature and pressure, with options for oscillating or pulsating spray.
  • Warm-Air Drying System: Adjustable air speed and temperature for a comfortable finish.
  • Odour Control: Equipped with automatic deodorisation using a carbon filter to maintain freshness.
  • Soft-Close Technology: Prevents the seat and lid from slamming, ensuring quiet use.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for compatibility with most standard toilets and straightforward setup.
  • Energy Efficiency: Includes functions to conserve energy, reducing overall consumption.

Product Overview: Elevate your bathroom experience with the state-of-the-art Forum Mito Multi-Function Smart Toilet Seat. This luxurious addition enhances comfort and hygiene with advanced features like a heated seat, customizable water settings, and effective odour control. The smart seat is easy to install, fitting seamlessly with most standard toilets, and includes energy-saving capabilities to ensure efficiency. Ideal for upgrading personal spaces or enhancing guest bathrooms, the Forum Mito adds a touch of sophistication and practical functionality that will transform any visit into a pampering retreat.

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