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Mira showers

Mira Honesty ERD thermostatic mixer shower

Mira Honesty ERD thermostatic mixer shower

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Product Description: Mira Honesty ERD Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Key Features:

  • Maximum Temperature Stop: Enhances safety by preventing water from becoming too hot.
  • Versatile Shower Options: Easily divert water between the overhead and handheld showers.
  • Thermostatic Temperature Control: Maintains consistent water temperature for a safe showering experience.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works effectively on all systems and pressures.
  • Magni-Flo Technology: Delivers up to 3 times more flow than similar mixer showers, even at low pressure.
  • Deluge Head: Offers an exceptional showering experience with a soothing, enveloping cascade of water.

Product Overview: Transform your daily shower into a luxurious escape with the Mira Honesty ERD Thermostatic Mixer Shower. Designed with safety and versatility in mind, this shower allows you to switch seamlessly between an overhead and handheld shower setup. Its thermostatic temperature control ensures consistent water temperatures, enhancing both comfort and safety.

The Mira Honesty is compatible with all plumbing systems and pressures, ensuring reliable performance across a range of home setups. Experience a powerful water flow even at low pressure thanks to Magni-Flo technology, which provides significantly more flow than comparable models. The deluge head heightens your showering experience, immersing you in a comforting downpour.

Easy to install, the Mira Honesty ERD is a practical yet stylish choice for any bathroom renovation, blending seamlessly into modern decor while offering a peak showering experience. Elevate your bathroom and daily routine with the sophistication and advanced functionality of the Mira Honesty ERD Thermostatic Mixer Shower.

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